I have delivered three babies and it is amazing how much you learn from each process and the personal growth I recognized in myself between them. They were all such different experiences and oh, how I wish I had known about essential oils when my first son was born. I discovered the wisdom in controlling my own birthing environment by the time I was ready to deliver my 3rd child. With my first 2 deliveries, I saw the negative effects of allowing too many people in and out of the room during and learned how much my labor was affected by the surroundings. Knowing what I do now, it amazes me that our hospitals and staff don’t do more to make the rooms more peaceful for laboring mothers when there is so much proven science surrounding the fact that our bodies thrive and function much better when they feel safe and comfortable. Did you know that you can make these requests to the hospital by providing them with your birthing plan? Outline who…

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