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Celery Seed

100% Pure Celery Seed Essential Oil

Scientific Name : Apium graveolens

Part of Plant Used : Seeds

Best Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Aroma : Fresh, Spicy, Earthy, Warm

Odor Strength : Mediume

Evaporation : Middle Note

Oil Hue : Clear - Pale Yellow

Origin : Commonly sourced from India

Primary Active Constituent : Limonene

Blends Well With : Black Pepper, Coriander, Ginger, Lavender, Lovage, Oakmoss, Opopanax, Pine, Tea Tree


Usage Instructions

Topical: Apply 3 drops of Celery Seed oil and 6 drops of Black Cumin Seed oil to arthritic areas of concern to combat the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. 

Aromatic: Diffuse 3-5 drops of Celery Seed oil while preparing a healthy dinner to combat nervousness and anxiety. 

Internal: Celery Seed Oil can be used for gout, constipation fibromyalgia pain, gas and bloating, as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis or as a way to increase urination to combat fluid retention internally by putting 3 drops into an empty capsule with at least 6 drops of Black Cumin Seed. Alternatively, 3 drops of Celery Seed oil can be put into at least 8 oz of water/juice/tea. Always use a glass container.  Alternatively, it can be used in recipes, or by putting 3 drops of Celery Seed oil in 1 tablespoon of raw, local honey. 

Precautions: Celery seed should not be used in large doses. Those who have allergies to birch pollen should avoid Celery Seed oil. Should hives, itching, or difficulty breathing occur after using this oil, discontinue it's use indefinitely. 



Essential Oils should never be consumed without first consulting your doctor/aromatherapist/naturopath, etc. Skin Patch Tests should always be conducted when applying an essential oil topically for the first time.

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